Divine Olive - History

My olive oil story…

Originally from the magnificent region of Fes in Morocco, my family has been cultivating olives for several generations. Thinking back to moments spent with my grandfather when I was a child, I’m reminded of the olive picking followed by the waiting for the oil at the mill. Impatient and febrile, my child’s mind recorded the images, the odours, the tastes as well as the atmosphere. These memories are forever etched in my mind and have undoubtedly conditioned my passion for olive trees.

For me, the season of the olives has always been an event not to be missed. After spending many years trying to reconcile producing olive oil with being a chartered accountant, the moment came for me to devote myself wholeheartedly to what really called to me: the fabrication and commercialization of my DivineOlive.

Throughout these years, I have criss-crossed Mediterranean countries to share in the know-how of one and all. Behind of all these techniques and methods that exist in the world of olive oil, is hidden the DivineOlive; A unique journey made up of traditions and a pointed expertise, culminating in a quality oil equal to none.

M. Boujra, Producer